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Work with Forster! Whether you’re a charity or business, have a long track record or just a kernel of an important new idea in mind, if you’re determined to make a positive social impact we want to work with you.

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Make the most of our issues expertise in Age, Health, Sustainability and Social Justice.

Latest news

The Body Confidence Awards

We live in a world awash with awards, so how do you make the one you are involved in stand out, be relevant and help further your overall objectives?

We were presented with precisely those challenges recently with the Body Confidence Awards, which sat at the heart of Body Confidence Week, the vehicle being used to launch Be Real: Body Confidence for Everyone – a new national movement for body confidence. read more…

Taking the biscuit

When it comes to being more active, we all know what we should be doing but a growing number of us don’t seem capable of doing it. The latest figures on the amount of physical exercise we take as a nation are pretty alarming. Across England about 29% of people overall are classed as physically inactive read more…


Our work with pharmaceutical company Astellas EMEA on its Changing Tomorrow Day programme received recognition at the annual Corporate Engagement Awards in October, picking up a silver award for ‘Best Community Involvement During a CSR Programme’. read more…