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Work with Forster! Whether you’re a charity or business, have a long track record or just a kernel of an important new idea in mind, if you’re determined to make a positive social impact we want to work with you.

See us as your social change communications partner – a PR agency, specialising in Consumer Engagement, Reputation Management, Creative Development, Positioning & Messaging, Media Relations and Building Partnerships.

Make the most of our issues expertise in Age, Health, Sustainability and Social Justice.

Latest news

Despite trolling social media can still be a force for good

The rise of social media has increased interconnectivity amongst people and communities. Arguably, we live in two worlds: in one world we communicate with others face-to-face and in the other; where all forms of traditional communication can be avoided through the use of the internet – a ‘virtual world’. Some may argue that social media promotes a life of isolation, where we are hooked to our phones, constantly replying to emails, texts, calls and tweets, and so leaving little time to ourselves or face-to-face time with others…

Come out and play

Forster has been working with several clients who recognise the importance of play in the lives of children. Intriguingly, some of these organisations you wouldn’t ordinarily associate with the light-heartedness of play. In the common knowledge that play is not what it used to be, they’re all coming at it from different angles, too. read on…