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Social Change PR

We deliver PR with purpose, helping businesses and charities communicate their mission and values.

We strengthen your voice, reach and impact so you can tackle the issues that affect you, your stakeholders and wider society, and inspire people to take positive action.

What we do

Develop communications strategies

We create and deliver strategies to achieve change with tightly identified audiences, working from the inside out. We identify the best channels and approaches for engaging those you want to reach and develop the tactics and content that will make them sit up and take notice.

Build campaigns and movements

We develop and deliver empowering social change campaigns that appeal to people’s minds and hearts to create genuine swells of support that can create social change. We build movements for change that inspire people and organisations to unite behind a common vision and goals. We use our bespoke evaluation model to measure progress through the change journey from reach, to engagement to the desired action.

Media relations

We create and deliver media relations programmes that cut through the noise by developing tactics, content and messages that get to the heart of an issue and strike a chord with audiences. We understand what drives the news agenda and work with clients and journalist to build stories with impact.

Build flagship corporate responsibility programmes

We work with businesses to identify the change they seek to make and the role they can play in achieving it, translating that into an ambitious programme that engages and inspires employees, suppliers, customers and wider stakeholders.

Enhance reputation and profile

We protect and enhance our clients’ reputations, identifying and connecting with key influencers and providing support to manage challenges from media and opponents of change. We provide counsel to executive boards and senior leaders to constructively challenge, refine and articulate their brand and strategy.

Develop the case for support

We pinpoint and articulate exactly why others should join you and support the change you want to see. We translate your case for support into campaigns to increase funding, inspire volunteering, shape partnerships and drive all forms of positive action and engagement.