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Insights about Modern slavery

Where’s the action on International Women’s Day?

It’s International Women’s Day. Which means a lot of things are all happening at once. We’re celebrating the truly amazing achievements of women around the world. We’re also calling for equality of opportunity and recognition. Richard Herring is no doubt spending the day on Twitter reminding disgruntled users that, yes, there is an International Men’s ... more

Three Weddings and a Dress

It started with someone borrowing trousers for fancy dress, then something for a wedding, a graduation and so on. We now swap Winter coats for whole seasons and lend each other entire holiday wardrobes. At Forster, our ever-increasing understanding of the environmental and human cost of fast fashion meant that many of us no longer ... more

Fashion, fashion, fashion.

I cannot deny the joy I get from a retail fix. Unfortunately for my bank balance doesn’t feel the same. At fifteen, I self-identified as a shopaholic. I was always lining up outside East London charity shops or trotting around South London looking for the latest vintage pieces for the outfits that I had already ... more

Turning sustainability cynics into storytellers

Your business purpose is clear and you have a strong social change ambition – but now it needs to become a reality.  How can you find the tipping point where ownership shifts from a few individuals to a company-wide culture that is hardwired into decision making and behaviours? Typically, employees will be segmented according to ... more

Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals is everyone’s business but how do you convince everyone else of that?

This week Measuring Up, the first comprehensive assessment of the UK’s performance against the SDGs, was released. It makes for tough reading. The UK is performing well on only a quarter of all the goals, and the profound problems of poverty and malnutrition are on the rise. This matters for every business in the UK ... more

You are not alone

How do you solve really big problems? The answer never changes but always bares repeating – by working together. There is of course something very romantic about a lone visionary labouring away in a lab / garage / garden shed to conjure up game-changing inventions, innovations and insights, but the reality is far more likely ... more

Can money really ever be good?

The fact you are more likely to divorce your spouse than change bank accounts is so well cited that it’s a cliché. There are, obviously, a thousand reasons why this is the case. But, one of them certainly seems to be apathy. Or at least a feeling that not much would change by changing the ... more

Business and Society

To support the launch of “Core – How a Single Organizing Idea can Change Business for Good”, we teamed up with Neil, Be Inspired Films and the Ipsos Sustainable Development Research Centre to host an event that would bring together businesses and experts in sustainability to discuss the ideas raised by the book. Looking out ... more

Time for change

New Ipsos MORI research released today by Forster Communications in partnership with Neil Gaught & Associates highlights the public’s strong belief that the current way of doing business isn’t working, and their desire to see business do more to make a positive difference. Just 18% of UK consumers agree the current economic system is working ... more

Businesses need a clear head to tackle modern slavery

Kate Garbers, Managing Director at Unseen – a charity working towards a world without slavery, highlights the importance of transparency for businesses seeking to do something about modern slavery, particularly in industries with complex supply chains…   1. Given its scale, why is slavery still essentially invisible? I am not sure it is invisible; I think we don’t always know ... more

28 March 2017

Spotting the Signs of Labour Exploitation

Paul Fearn, Communications and Information Officer at Gangmasters Licensing Authority explains why the organisation exists and the steps that they are taking to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation… The Spotting the Signs booklet lists the known indicators of forced labour – a form of human trafficking, please click here to view and download the booklet. If you ... more

27 March 2017

How we can break barriers to protect refugees

It is a stark fact that half of refugees in the UK are currently unemployed, compared to the national average of 6%. This is despite refugees having higher levels of education, skills and qualifications than the UK average and possessing an eagerness to work and being mostly of working age. This can mean, without support, ... more

27 March 2017

Hotel industry leadership to tackle modern slavery

As a major business sector involving millions of people, the hotel industry faces the undeniable risks of modern slavery. Hotels can unknowingly be used to traffick victims of sexual abuse, and those looking for employment (often in lower skilled roles such as cleaners and maids) may be forced to work against their will or mistreated ... more

26 March 2017

Businesses must be at the centre of the fight against modern slavery

Kevin Hyland challenges organisations to tackle modern slavery head on… more

26 March 2017

Talking is critical if we’re going to break the modern slavery taboo

Modern slavery remains a real and present issue which society must face up to. There are an estimated 13,000 people living in modern slavery in Britain and 21 million worldwide, of which 1.2 million are children. It is often hidden and hard to identify but – partly thanks to the introduction of the Modern Slavery ... more

26 March 2017