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A year of digital milestones

By Ashleigh Adair

We live in a fast moving digital world and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest innovations. Below are ten of the biggest digital developments in 2015. Sign up here to receive our regular round-up of digital news in 2016.

  1. Virtual Reality just got real
  • Facebook launched 360 Video, completely changing the way we can experience new perspectives, and the release of Google Cardboard made obtaining virtual reality hardware happily affordable.
  1. LinkedIn finally came to the content party
  • The former CV listing site has evolved swiftly into a professional news aggregator, pushing 400million users globally and acquiring various content publishing start-ups. There’s never been a better time to get yourself on LinkedIn and boost your professional reputation.
  1. Advertising formats on more social media networks
  • Instagram this year opened up to advertising opportunities that are tailored to the individual user. The good news is, Instagram are working on making their advertising opportunities available to big and small companies.
  1. Facebook Safety Check (launched after Paris attack)
  • Facebook activated a new ‘safety check’ feature, allowing users to notify their loved ones of their safety during a natural disaster or terrorist attack. 2016 will see the feature rolled out more universally.
  1. Facebook armed fundraisers with better tools
  • Improvements to the Donate button and new non-profit Facebook campaign pages were all tested this year, with a full roll-out globally expected early in 2016.
  1. Emojis went mainstream
  • Emojis have been in the spotlight this year, thanks to innovative emoji-based campaigns such as WWF’s #EndangeredEmoji and The Dog’s Trust emoji keyboard. Along with the ‘Face with tears of joy’ emoji becoming this year’s official Word of the Year, we expect to see many more campaigns utilise emojis to highlight products and/or issues to capture the public’s imagination.
  1. Periscope was rapidly adopted by brands and news broadcasters
  • News reporters naturally began using Periscope almost immediately, whereas brands have been slower to find their feet with Periscope, using it to broadcast live Q&As, celebrity takeovers, sneak peek into brand culture, and even livestream exclusive launches such as Nissan’s new car model this year.
  1. New Snapchat features e.g. Live Stories, face modifiers
  • Snapchat showed just why they didn’t sell out to Facebook – they’ve got the creativity to develop so much further. This year saw mass events and global cities share their experiences through Live Stories, and more editing features allowed users to have more fun through animated selfies as well as the option to fast forward and rewind videos. This can help brands be more creative with their stories in upcoming broadcasts.
  1. Twitter Moments
  1. Twitter introduced ‘Twitter polls’
  • The feature allows you to poll your followers through tweets, rather than asking a bland question in a static tweet. From opinions on serious issues, thoughts on the latest sporting moments, to something as simple as help on naming a pet, Twitter polls made for a new intriguing addition. You can now learn about your follower base more easily.

Image credit: Social Media Week