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Achieving environmental ambition is everyone’s business

By George Ames

21 November 2019
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Bold ambitions on achieving net zero, removing single use plastics, running fast food toy take-back schemes and transforming supply chains, fill our daily news feeds.

This is a good thing. It shows how environmental issues and the climate emergency have massively catapulted into our collective consciousness.

But ambition and easy-to-get-away tactical comms initiatives are just the beginning; they are an important starting pistol on bigger, hairier and harder to wrestle issues that come with the challenge of achieving sustained and deep organisational change.

A year ago we launched our Ambition to Action approach to help businesses break down what can sometimes feel like huge and daunting targets and ambitions into tangible, measurable and deliverable outcomes. At the heart of this, and the only way a business will be able to achieve meaningful cultural shift rather than tactical delivery, is to consider their organisation as a community.

Born from behaviour change theory and our decades of experience deploying change-focused campaigns (we’re old kids on the block when it comes to building communications that drive positive change), this is enabling our clients to see which segments of their community will be critical for each stage of their sustainability journey.  It is uniting internal audiences by their interests and allowing tailored messages and interventions to be created to encourage each individual to step up and take action.

If you’re staring at targets not knowing quite how to start to conquer them then we’d love to share our thinking with you. Please get in touch or hop on a bike and come see us in our office.