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Bringing business to society

By Forster Communications

As the year comes to an end, you would be forgiven for believing the world has never been in worse shape. Social unrest, environmental devastation, economic uncertainty, multiple conflicts and the seemingly relentless rise of extremism – all have reared their heads repeatedly in 2015.

But, you’d be wrong. The world is currently more peaceful, prosperous and equitable than it has ever been and there is hope we might turn back from the brink of environmental disaster following COP21. Significantly, businesses have played a crucial role in achieving this.

However, they could do much more and the progressive businesses are recognising that they can and should be doing so, as it is good for their business as well as society. They also know they need to extend and deepen their relationships with charities to help them do so.It is that opportunity that led us to commissioning our own research into the fertile ground where businesses and charities can collaborate. Between July and October we commissioned three sets of independent research around the role of business in society:

– With UK business leaders
– With consumers in the UK
– With UK charity leaders

We have pulled all the findings to into an extensive report, a taste of which you can find here. The full report is rich pickings for anyone interested in how businesses and charities can collaborate more, so drop us a line if you’d like us to take you through the research in full.

Bringing business to society