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Bringing diversity and inclusion into the heart of a business

Kathryn Beaven, Director, Global Sustainability at DP World

28 September 2017
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Diversity and inclusion is increasingly recognised as being vital to business success because the benefits of inclusion and diversity are clear. A range of backgrounds, faiths, genders and ethnicities bring new ideas, innovation and practices that can vastly improve operations. There are countless reports and studies which show the impact increasing diversity can have on the bottom line. Any business not taking it seriously risks being left behind.

This means that all companies’ policies around diversity and inclusion must continue to evolve. DP World is a global company, with different cultures, laws and challenges in each region. So we have made investing in our people one of our global commitments, as part of Our World Our Future, our company-wide sustainability approach. Encouraging diversity and inclusion throughout our business is part of that programme. And one of the things we are proud of is our Human Capital and Global Diversity and Inclusion working group which helps drive the subject around the organisation to embed it in everything we do. This is especially important because it’s an evolving subject that needs to be continually evaluated and adapted to the audience and region it’s being applied to.

We are also focused on making sure the importance and impact of diversity is part of our business. We introduced an online training course which can be used in any location and has proved very popular with almost 1,000 employees registered during our campaign last November.

Change in one area often drives change in another. In logistics, the adoption of technology has helped women do jobs that previously they may have felt were closed to them. It is up to organisations to not only realise this, but to actively encourage diversity as a result. And DP World is doing it. For example, through targeted hiring campaigns aimed at women in Australia and elsewhere around the world. We are proud of the work we have done but know that we must continue to innovate and evolve.

Since Forster helped launch DP World’s global integrated programme ‘Our World, Our Future’ in 2016 we have worked with them to roll-out delivery and strengthen impact. If you’d like to know more about how we could help you, please drop Peter Gilheany a line