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Championing change-makers in businesses

By Forster Communications

Businesses have long been at the vanguard of driving social and environmental change, and that change is often powered by an individual within the business with the passion, commitment and ability to make things happen

Finding, celebrating and supporting those individuals is crucial to getting more businesses involved in positive change, which is why we are sponsoring the Creating Change From Within Business category in the 2016 SMK Awards.

The award recognises individuals within businesses who are campaigning for social change and working to bring others along with them for greater impact.  Whether pushing for change within the business itself or being the driver of the business’s own desire to create change, the award winner will ultimately be working to change hearts, minds and practice beyond their own company.

The application process is now open and nominations need to be submitted by 1pm on Monday 8 February 2016. Award winners will be invited to attend a special ceremony at the House of Lords on Wednesday 13th April 2016.

SMK is the UK’s only charity dedicated to connecting, informing and supporting campaigners. The SMK Campaigner Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution that a new generation of campaigners are making towards achieving social, environmental and economic justice, both in the UK and abroad.

You can find out more about all the award categories and make nominations by visiting