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Eating for the future


17 December 2019
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Four years ago, I looked at what I could do to tackle climate change and came up with six areas for not only myself, but for anyone who would ask.

1.) How you vote 2.) What you eat 3.) How you travel 4.) How you waste/recycle 5.) What energy you use 6.) Where you spend your money

What I eat has had the biggest impact so far. I love being a vegetarian, experimenting with plant-based and food waste inventive cooking, finding the best vegetarian recipes and making meat-less dishes for friends and family as much as they let me. 

This year, I started to notice that people were getting curious about going meat-free; you don’t need meat if you can spice up the meal, meat alternatives are flourishing and even my granny hasn’t even noticed there are no sausages in this casserole.

I continued to help whoever asks and in November I counted up 18 new vegetarians I know who, when asked, said they wouldn’t ever have thought they could cut out meat and reduce dairy before.

Plant-based diets are not only beneficial for reducing global climate-changing emissions but are an open invitation at a meal to hear about other people’s social and environmental change stories.

I’m really proud and will be cooking a vegetarian Christmas dinner again this year.