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Fashion, fashion, fashion.

Lawrence Gordon

I cannot deny the joy I get from a retail fix. Unfortunately for my bank balance doesn’t feel the same.

At fifteen, I self-identified as a shopaholic. I was always lining up outside East London charity shops or trotting around South London looking for the latest vintage pieces for the outfits that I had already planned out in my head. While doing that, sustainable fashion was not part of my agenda. I liked charity shop shopping because it was cool and I could find something no one else had.

However, that all came to an end when I moved to Oxford university. The lacklustre charity shops there meant scouring the internet for quick fixes of “fast-fashion”; a bottomless pit of unoriginal and sometimes unfashionable pieces that were poor substitutes for vintage or retro fashion.

Then BBC 3 released a six-part docuseries looking behind the scenes at one of the UK’s trendiest fast fashion businesses – In the Style. It opened my eyes to just how fast companies pump our new clothes (and plastic!) and just how bad it is for the environment and for people who live near manufacturing sites. I knew that I had to make a change as I was adding to this global issue.

Since joining Forster, I have learnt much more about sustainability, I’ve learnt about companies like Prada taking the first steps to become more sustainable, and pioneers like Patagonia who have long been fighting for environmental causes.

So, I’m knocking the fast fashion on the head and returning to my first love to feed my addiction – second hand and vintage rules.