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We’re in the business of action

By George Ames

Raising awareness is one thing, getting people to take action is another. We’ve spent 20 years successfully inspiring the latter and have brought all that knowhow together to create our new Activation practice. It will focus on helping clients create campaigns and movements that inspire people to challenge attitudes, support a cause, change the way they consume and get involved.

We’ve created it because there is an urgent need for charities and businesses to spark people into taking action and keep doing it, driven by a shrinking of the public sector and an increasing appetite for businesses to get involved in social change. At the heart of Activation sits the audience themselves – we create campaigns and movements built around the reality of their lives, using the channels that really reach out to them, brought to life by ideas that truly engage.

We are not interested in achieving media coverage to just tick a box on an evaluation. Whilst media relations remain an important part of our work we always try to use it as part of a creative campaign, strategically delivered, with audience action as the motivating factor. The projects that stand out, win awards and we want to tell everyone about are those that properly integrate across all communications channels, those that blur the lines of PR and marketing and, most importantly, those that deliver change. Recently we have used this approach to help clients reduce the number of children burnt by hair straighteners, get homeless people off the streets and inspire employees to volunteer. We also identify and broker partnerships that extend the reach and impact of these campaigns and movements.

We’ve developed a network of trusted specialists and partners in public affairs, media planning and fundraising to sit alongside our own PR and digital expertise so we can develop and deliver truly integrated campaigns for charities and businesses alike.

So, if you are grappling with how to translate objectives into a communications strategy that inspires people to take action or if you need a campaign or movement that your whole organisation can get behind to support cause, then we can help.