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Forster Communications partners with Cello Health Communications to deliver new sustainability offering to the Pharma industry

By Beth Gaudin

19 February 2019

Cello Health Communications and Forster Communications say the combined strength of their specialist experience in understanding the pharmaceutical industry and sustainability communications will unlock existing potential and help bring sustainability to life

Today Forster Communications and Cello Health Communications announce their joint endeavour ‘Sustainable Pharma Futures’ – a new service developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry to help progressive businesses take a lead on developing profit with purpose.

All businesses are under ever increasing pressure to be sustainable, and the desire to tackle the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been much discussed since the $12 trillion market opportunity was identified by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission[1]. Health and wellbeing accounts for $1.8 trillion1 of the market which is a huge opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry.

Forster Communications CEO, Amanda Powell-Smith says: “The pharmaceutical industry is based on changing society for the better. Not only does it create life-saving treatments, but it also spends billions of pounds on educating and supporting communities around health issues across the world. But too often, the work done is siloed internally and hidden from view. It is not joined up or realising its full value in driving positive change for the business, its stakeholders and society. We believe that the majority of pharmaceutical businesses are sitting on untapped potential and want to make sustainability good for society and good for business”.

Cello Health Communications Corporate Affairs Head, Jo Taylor adds: “The market is changing – from commissioner buying habits to the fight for talent – and we have created Sustainable Pharma Futures to help organisations respond to this. The combined skills and experience of our two organisations give corporate affairs directors instant access to knowledge and insights on how they can build their role as ethical, responsible organisations who are making a difference. This is no longer a nice-to-do, it’s about securing a future for pharmaceutical businesses to operate in.”

For more information about Sustainable Pharma Futures contact Beth Gaudin


[1] Business Commission, Sustainable business can unlock at least US $12 trillion in new market value, and repair economic system [last accessed January 2019]