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Generations Talking Together: a new debate

11 February 2013
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At the end of January, Forster and United For All Ages came together to run Generations Talking Together, a series of discussions in News International’s boardroom examining intergenerational tension.

The debates were attended by 80 people from a wide variety of backgrounds from CEOs of major charities, to the Head of Economics at a trade union, academics from RCA and Cambridge University and corporate representatives from a major retailer, gym, insurance provider and Britain’s biggest house building company.

Over four sessions the panels examined some of the issues around housing, health, work and technology. How much does intergenerational tension affect these areas and what solutions can be found to help to solve this?

We are constantly being told that cuts and the ongoing recession are taking their toll on specific groups; the young, old, rich and poor. But the discussion on how this effects groups across ages together and apart, is relatively quiet.

Our desire in creating the Generations Talking Together series was to stimulate these discussions and bring unusual combinations of people together to understand how the individuals they work with, fit into wider society patterns. We want to work with a diverse range of individuals and organisations to bring about change and improve the lives of people of all ages.

All the discussion guides are available here and below are some photos from the sessions. We will be uploading video interviews here in the coming weeks. In the spring we will be issuing a report on actions for all ages.

We are still sourcing additional comment, examples and input into this. To contribute your thoughts please fill out this short survey.

Generations Talking Together: Housing


Generations Talking Together: Health


Generations Talking Together: Work


Generations Talking Together: Technology