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#HomeSafe: Social purpose begins at home

By Forster Communications

27 April 2015

Social purpose can mean going big. It can mean helping businesses address sustainability issues, or opening up space for conversations about mental health. But social purpose can also mean making changes a little closer to home – or in this case, in the home.

At the end of March, we helped safety charity Electrical Safety First to launch a national campaign for home safety. The ‘Home Safe’ campaign is a reminder to everyone that even the smallest electrical mishap can lead to devastating consequences. Delivering this message without being preachy or patronising presented a challenge for us, requiring a real focus on tone when helping the audience to identify themselves in our messaging – which is that risky behaviour is something we are all guilty of some of the time.

Through developing some light-hearted content in the form a ‘House of Horrors’ video demonstrating the risks we take around the house, alongside hard-hitting research revealing that as a nation, we have over 80 million accidents in the home each year causing injury and damage, our communications work with Electrical Safety First has helped to highlight the serious consequences that can result from risky behaviours.

Electricity alone causes 70 deaths a year and 350,000 serious injuries – and the number of fires has increased by 10% in the last year. House fires, (a third of which were caused by the misuse of electrical appliances) resulted in almost a billion pounds worth of damage last year and caused 258 deaths, of which 146 occurred in homes without a working smoke alarm. Our research findings show that risky behaviours are leading to a huge number of these incidents, peaking on Saturday evenings when up to four accidents take place every second.

We live in the age of busy. Constantly rushing, we cut corners wherever possible. But actions such as removing batteries from smoke alarms, blocking microwave vents and absentminded “DIYing” can all put us at unnecessary risk.

That’s why we are asking everyone to be home safe, for themselves and their families.

To view the video and for more information about electrical, gas, or water safety in the home, you can visit