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It’s Bike Week! Get your workforce cycling and reap the benefits

21 June 2013

This week we launched national Bike Week for the sixth year running – but our proudest achievement lies within our own four walls.

Yesterday morning, I couldn’t fit my bike into Forster HQ because there were too many there already. For many this would be a real annoyance, but as I trundled off to find an outdoor spot to lock up, it felt like a triumph. The reason? Our mission to get Forster cycling is working.

Getting people on their bikes is something we know how to do. Over the years we have encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to start cycling – taking Bike Week participant numbers to over half a million and encouraging almost 60% of Forster staff to get on their bikes.

This week we launched national Bike Week for the sixth year running. Each year has built on the successes of the last and Bike Week 2013 launched in a blaze of national media coverage and stakeholder acclaim. Philip Darnton, head of the Bicycle Association and Bike Week Chair, called the launch “one of the best events we’ve seen in a decade”. We expect participation to be in record numbers.

Yet, the hardest behaviour change is always the closest to home.  At Forster, we champion staff wellness and encourage our employees stay in tip top physical and mental shape. Cycling has such a positive effect on both body and mind that getting people on bikes is a goal we take very seriously.

We’ve applied our usual audience focused approach to creating behaviour change. We asked staff their barriers to cycling, as well as what would motivate them –  then developed initiatives accordingly. We now encourage cycling in five distinct ways: six pool bikes for anyone to use; free training for new riders; tax free bikes; 40p a mile expenses for business cycling and five minutes of extra holiday for every day staff commute by bike.

It’s really working. Now, more staff than ever cycle regularly and several people report better work performance since doing so.

My own cycling addiction began in this way. I’m actually a fairly new cyclist; I braved two wheels for the first time since childhood in February 2012. Since then I have become a daily all-weather commuter and have cycled from Amsterdam to Berlin, so it’s fair to say I’ve caught the bug! I absolutely attribute cycling to increased fitness, improved working ability and better sleep.

This Bike Week, learn what all the fuss is about for yourself – get down to a Bike Week event near you by visiting .

And if you’d like to use Forster’s wealth of experience to get your workforce cycling, drop us a line on 0207 403 2230.