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Let’s work together

8 May 2012

There are jobs out there. Good jobs. Worthwhile jobs. Creative jobs. With growth in mind, we’ve got several vacancies on offer here at Forster. We’re also looking for new associates and freelancers. In the spirit of co-working, we’re offering free desk space for up to 6 freelancers.

At Forster, we’re not hanging around waiting for the recession to go away. While these are tough times, we have plans for growth and are on the look-out for new members to join our core, permanent team. Take a look at our current vacancies.

We’re also looking for new associates who can boost our offer to the market. If you think you can help us with our mission and service offer, please get in touch. Forster is ready and willing to take a look at your work and see how we might work together.

Here’s an even fresher development. If you’re a freelancer with complementary professional skills, how about taking up our offer of free desk space in our office near London Bridge? You might be a copywriter, planner or researcher who would like a change from working away on your own, at home. Give us a call. It’s worth thinking about. We have 6 free spaces on offer. Interested? Contact

Forster’s approach to work has always been collaborative. Just as well, because this way of working is needed now more than ever. There can be win-win solutions for businesses and individuals. We’re going to experiment with this and are looking for like-minded people prepared to join us.