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Look No Hands

14 May 2013

At a time when the disability agenda is dominated by cuts to services, undignified changes to the Disability Living Allowance and the corresponding impacts on personal dignity and choice, AbilityNet is launching a campaign called ‘Look No Hands’ which provides genuine cause for celebration.

From Monday May 13th to Friday 17th May 2013 AbilityNet is asking people to send a text LOOK132 to 70070 without using their hands and by texting with your nose, toes or elbows you will donate £2 towards AbilityNet’s free services. The campaign has found a way to engage audiences with disability in an easy and fun way, using the very technology that is so essential for people with disabilities, which is also the fundraising mechanic. Very clever.

The holy grail of a good campaign is to make the complex accessible and to find a creative and easy way to engage your audience. I urge everyone to take part and spread the word about Look No Hands – not only to fundraise for AbilityNet who provide free, game changing technology for disabled people – but to send a message to the Government that voters care about protecting services for some of the most vulnerable in society.

Let’s use Look No Hands to try and re-capture the spirit of last summer and the positive engagement in disability that the paralympics engendered.

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