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Mental health – from awareness to action

9 October 2018
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Awareness and understanding of mental health has dramatically increased in the last 20 years, thanks in part to pioneering campaigns like MindOut for Mental Health that we helped to create. Yet, one in four people in the UK still experience mental health problems each year[1] and it cost 300,000 people their jobs[2].

Within the UK, 80 million workdays are estimated to be lost each year to stress, depression and anxiety[3].

We urgently need to turn that hard-won awareness and understanding into action, on the part of government, employers, communities and individuals. Communications can play an important role in unlocking the funding needed and inspiring us all to give mental health the same focus and commitment we give to our physical wellbeing.

Walking the talk:

We’ve demonstrated the impact of communications for mental health with two clients; working with Business in The Community (BiTC) and Public Health England (PHE) we developed the first ever toolkits for employers to help them address the difficult issues of suicide, sleep and domestic abuse in the workplace and more recently their 2018 Mental Health at Work report, and the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families to change how people perceive children’s mental health.

As an employer, we take the wellbeing of our staff very seriously. It is in the interests of both us and our employees to do so – employee wellbeing is key for productivity, creativity, recruitment and retention; meanwhile, workplace culture and stress can be a leading influence on people’s mental health conditions.

Some achievements include:

If you’d like to talk to us about your communications challenges then we’d love to hear from you. Here is a snapshot of how else we are improving health and wellbeing for our clients: