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The Power of &

9 October 2014

We are very proud to announce the birth of a precious baby – the Forster Communications Sustainability Report.

As the social change communications agency, we work with organisations and businesses to deliver positive social change, starting with ourselves and our own social purpose.

We are constantly on the search for the &, our reason for being beyond profit – our social purpose. We make profit by helping clients to communicate better, but we measure the wider meaning of that profit by how effectively our communications help clients to protect and improve lives – our social purpose.

The Forster Communications Sustainability Report examines how we have performed over the last two years against our social purpose and outlines our future ambitions as a business owned and run by our employees. Some key elements are:

  • Review – we outline the impact we’ve had on our clients, employees, suppliers, the community and the environment against the ambitious targets we set ourselves two years ago
  • 2014-16 targets – we outline what we are aiming to achieve over the next two years, building on our successes and learning from the areas where we haven’t done so well
  • Social change agenda – we use the targets we have set for creating positive change as a jumping off point for examining key issues in the wider world including mental health, wellness, retirement, food and care.

We are really proud of the progress we have made as a business with a strong social purpose over the last two years. Some of the highlights in the report are:

–          Fee income 24% up

–          82% pitch win rate

–          67% of business from organic growth

–          Transformation to 100% employee-owned company

–          Employee shareholders see 11% return on investment

–          Sick leave per employee down by 53%

–          Commuter journeys by bicycle up by 33%

–          Gas consumption down by 56%

–          38% of staff volunteer

We believe that sustainable businesses and organisations are those who actively consider the & of what they do, that have articulated, communicated and evaluated their social purpose. We really hope the report provides some food for thought for you and your organisation.

If you have any questions or thoughts on our report, or you want to have a chat about your organisation’s social purpose and how we might be able to help, just give us a call.