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Safety Campaign Launches

31 January 2014

Today we are working with the Electrical Safety Council to raise awareness of the temperatures hair straighteners can reach and the fact that they are causing an increasing number of burns among children. We worked with a number of hospitals, burns consultants and university academics to gather data to support the campaign, and found that a shocking 1 in 10 child burns are caused by hair straighteners. The simple solution is for parents is to store their hair straighteners in a heat resistant pouch after use, but further research shows that many retailers and manufacturers do not provide these alongside their products.

At Forster we regularly work on behavioural change campaigns, but with so many health and safety warnings it can sometimes be difficult to cut through the noise. This is why we created a hard-hitting video showing the effects on hair straighteners on vulnerable skin. Working with video production company Brickwalll we used a plastic doll (and a blow torch!) to create a number of shocking images simulating burned and melted flesh. A backdrop of nursery music and a baby screaming was added in to realise the idea of every parent’s worst nightmare. We are now sharing this video through social media, news sites, banner ads and stakeholders and hope that the upset of the film translates into parents taking more care when using hair straighteners.