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Shining a light

25 January 2018
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Since Forster’s inception, we’ve been proud to shine a light on issues that are considered taboo or ignored by others. Back in 2003, we launched the first ever integrated mental health campaign – MindOut – at a time when mental health was still very much a taboo topic. Back then, we helped raised awareness, smashed those taboos and gave practical guidance to employers, the media and young people on how to talk about and support people with mental health issues. Mental health now forms one of our key impact areas.

Now in 2017, our passion for raising awareness about lesser known issues and taboo subjects is as strong as ever. All too often, people suffer alone in pain and discomfort because of a lack of awareness or understanding of their conditions – from Kenyan women shunned by their communities because they suffer from obstetric fistula, to the 10 million people in the UK thought to suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome. Communications has an important role to play in changing this.

Communications can help to raise public and political awareness of these types of conditions and increase funding for medical research and treatment. It is also an essential tool for directly reaching those affected – including patients, their friends, and families – to break any taboos and improve understanding.

Walking the talk:

Our work with Astellas, SRUK and Crohn’s & Colitis UK have all focused on helping people who have a condition to get a diagnosis and understand what help and support is available.

With betty for schools, we have helped to challenge the taboo around periods, so children can feel much more comfortable talking about them as normal and everyday, and get practical help and advice for dealing with them.