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The Ground Beneath Our Feet

21 November 2012

Our biennial sustainability report, The Ground Beneath Our Feet is published today – warts and all.

In our 2012 Sustainability Report we reveal the small, but important, changes we have made at Forster in the last two years to maximise our positive impact from the point of view of employees, suppliers, clients, the environment and our local community.

The scope is modest: the challenges we face, the progress we have made (and where we’ve fallen short), and our targets for the next two years. We take a very self-critical approach, but the spirit is ambitious.

Since we started in 1996 we’ve been walking the line of positive social change. Despite some challenging times, we’ve stuck to our principles.  Demonstrating it through the choices we make as a company; aiming to promote health, protect the environment and advocate social justice – both in our business operations and our relationships with our stakeholders.

Every two years, we work with an independent auditor to measure Forster’s progress against set targets in specific areas of our operations and create new ones. Our Sustainability Report 2012 shares what we’ve learned on our journey.  We are publishing this Report, not as a badge of honour, but rather as a way of sharing knowledge with the wider business community – with emphasis on SMEs.

Some of our results

  • Clients: In the past two years Forster Communications has helped 197 million people see the world differently
  • Environment:12% of staff commuter journeys are by bicycle – up from 5% in 2010
  • Environment: Paper purchasing reduced by 29%
  • Employees: 90% of staff take part in wellbeing programme Forster Well
  • Employees: 95% of staff say they are proud to work at Forster and 90% feel they are informed about the strategic direction of the business (compared to 53% average recorded in CIPD summer survey)
  • Suppliers: Newly formed Forster Hubspace gives free desk space to our suppliers and associates has helped build stronger links with this extended network.
  • Community: stronger links developed with local community through organisations like Better Bankside, Tate Modern and Southwark Mysteries.
  • Community: Staff developed new skills and knowledge through volunteering and pro-bono work for charities including Revolving Doors, Envision and Circus Space.
  • Clients: 100% of clients audited said they would recommend Forster
  • Suppliers: 100% of suppliers interviewed considered Forster to be a good company that paid on time (within 14 days)

Read and download the full report online now.