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The year that was 2012

13 December 2012

As we reach the end of the year, roundups are as much of a tradition as mince pies and mulled wine. They are debated in the pub and around the water cooler, loved by some and loathed by others.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all early off the blocks, releasing insight into our digital trails for the year. Google’s Zeitgeist 2012 illustrates the themes of the year with major events such as The Olympics, Felix Baumgartner Skydive and Hurricane Sandy all widely searched for. They show a fascination with everything from the most serious issues: elections, uprisings and human rights violations, to the bizarre nuances of popular culture with Gangnam Style dance videos and much discussion on the rights and wrongs of a new genre of book dubbed ‘mummy porn’.

In the UK, it has been a golden year for sports with home celebrations and jubilation for our first English Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, a huge summer for Andy Murray and of course the many inspiring stories of athletes in both the Olympics and Paralympics. It seems an impossible task for judges of this year’s BBC Sports Personality of the year with so many very worthy candidates.

But not everyone was celebrating this year. There has also been scandals and outrage with Leveson airing the media’s dirty laundry in public, The BBC facing tough questions over child abuse, and even tougher ones over editorial decisions, and the financial sector attracting negative headlines again over Libor. Government reports have also re-opened old wounds from the past with shocking new information released on both the Hillsborough disaster and the murder of Northern Ireland lawyer Pat Finucane.

Looking a bit closer to home, at Forster it’s been a busy year too. We’ve created and launched new brands like The Carers Trust, Jhub and StreetLink. We’ve talked about the issues that matter to us; ageing, social justice, health and the environment through our blog and in a host of magazines. And we’ve helped our clients talk to their key audiences about everything from cycle safety and plastic surgery to the discovery of a million forms of plankton under the sea. We are also proud of the Sustainability Report that outlines our progress and shares our strategies for positive social change. Undoubtedly it’s onwards and upwards to more exciting briefs and challenging discussions in 2013.