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Three Weddings and a Dress

By Olivia Martins

It started with someone borrowing trousers for fancy dress, then something for a wedding, a graduation and so on. We now swap Winter coats for whole seasons and lend each other entire holiday wardrobes.

At Forster, our ever-increasing understanding of the environmental and human cost of fast fashion meant that many of us no longer felt comfortable fuelling this industry. For me, watching Stacey Dooley’s documentary ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’, and seeing the terrible effects on the health of people living near water polluted by dyes from fashion factories was my wake-up call.

This summer I wore the same dress to three weddings. It sounds trivial but this was a surprisingly controversial idea when I mentioned it to friends and family.

This was a second moment of realisation for me. Re-wearing our clothes particularly to big occasions has become socially unacceptable – and ‘re-wearing’ (or ‘recycling’ if you’re famous) is really just ‘wearing’. Repairing, re-wearing and sharing clothes, again surprisingly, feels like an act of rebellion.

At Forster we’ve found the planet, money and time saving joy of sharing clothes and we’d encourage workplaces, friends and communities to join us and do the same.