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Walking in someone else’s shoes

23 July 2012

If you could stand up for change and take a step towards global tolerance, would you do it?

Walk a Mile, a global campaign to stop bigotry, promote tolerance and raise money for charities around the globe, has just gone live with the dual aims of improving personal fitness and global tolerance.  Developed by the US Department of State and 2012 Hours Against Hate it is an Olympic Truce initiative for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Based on a free Android or Apple smartphone app called SoFit, Walk a Mile is an easy to use fitness toolAs individuals start walking, they earn reward points that include unique access to music down loads.  They can also choose to walk in the company of others around the world, challenging themselves to walk faster or further – or simply to enjoy their company.

Launched by US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton last week, Walk a Mile is a key part of Haringey Council’s community day on Wednesday this week – marking the one year anniversary of the Tottenham riots and the last stop for the Olympic Torch Relay.  It will also be highlighted as part of the Olympic legacy on sports and fitness at the Global Impact Institute’s event at the House of Commons on Thursday.

Walk a Mile will continue after the London 2012 and, going forward, SoFit plans to let users donate to charities and events via the app.

Take part by downloading the SoFit mobile app for free from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play