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What I’ve learnt from living at home during a crisis

Lawrence Gordon

28 May 2020

As a newly appointed Junior Account Executive, still finding my feet in communications, to suddenly be working from home during the lockdown has been a whirlwind experience. I never thought I would be working from home this much until much later in my career.

After many weeks of trying to adjust to the “new normal” I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to successfully work from home when it’s new for you.

Be mindful of your wellbeing

The first thing I do to begin my morning is meditation. This centres the mind and helps give focus on what’s important to do that day. It helps me focus on having a positive and productive day and stops me from dwelling too much on the future.

High intensity workouts such as jogging is a great way to de-stress. Runs and exercise classes are a big part of Forster’s culture and on the 15th May my colleagues and I embarked on a virtual run together where we all ran 10km in our different locations. It was great fun and having something to look forward to and train for has been really positive. Now we’re planning for the next one!

Keep in touch with colleagues

Keeping regular communication with colleagues is absolutely vital – and it doesn’t all need to be about work.  Since the lockdown, my co-workers and I “meet up” for virtual tea-breaks and weekly Friday drinks where we do fun activities such as quizzes, in-depth discussions on topics that are unrelated to work and drawing competitions on Microsoft Paint. This has helped to boost morale and ensures that you do not feel alone during this challenging time.

Continue your learning and development

Even while being at home over the past few weeks I’ve gained new skills and am always trying to think about how I can further develop and what I can bring to the team. It’s a steep learning curve in many ways but thinking about this in a positive way helps you feel like you’re moving forward even while stuck in one location.

My mantra has been to try to stay positive and do my very best. We are living in tough times at the moment but they will end – and we’ll all have learnt an awful lot to take forwards.