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Women’s Aid joins with football clubs to speak out against domestic violence

By Forster Communications

24 April 2015

Women’s Aid and football clubs around the country are coming together this week to send the message that everyone has the human right to be protected against violence, fear and intimidation at home, as part of the national campaign Football United Against Domestic Violence.

We have been working with Women’s Aid and Human Rights charity Equally Ours to develop the campaign, launching today with the powerful film ‘Unpunished‘.

Unpunished‘ shows how strongly the football community feels about violence on the pitch – that this should never go unpunished – and uses the passion football supporters have for justice to ask why, across the UK today, we are letting violence in the home go unpunished.

The film will be shared with football fans and communities across the country by clubs supporting the campaign.

The film was produced by Nice and Serious.