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Work with the world

13 February 2013

How did we arrive at the horsemeat scandal? What led to the need for Hugh’s Fish Fight? Jilly Forster, says it’s time for organisations of all kinds to work in partnership with the world.

An increasingly watchful, digitally remastered global public cannot be duped for very long by policies or practices that defy the rational or court the unethical. In a vigilant world, it’s unwise for any organisation to operate alone or work against the flow. While it may seem otherwise, the power is now with people – individuals who can make a collective impact. It’s no longer good enough for a company, charity or social enterprise merely to respond to this. They must become a seamless part of it, working together with their stakeholders at all times, not just when exposed for something controversial. It’s plain common sense.

From here, the horsemeat scandal seems a matter of supply chain mismanagement. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s inspiration was actually political inertia in the EU on fishing policy. Where corporate communication fails, people power takes over. What makes people from different walks of life work together? When something offends their sense of justice? Something they know they must act on? Something that would be far more effective in collaboration with like-minded people? Organisations do not have to occasionally be on the receiving end of this. They can work with the spirit of partnership that brings people together. It’s a matter of common sense communications.