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Your Active Ingredient

24 October 2012

Many organisations are already working with their own employees to improve their activity level. The NHS Challenge is an initiative to support 300,000 NHS staff to become more physically active. Morrison’s ‘Miles for Smiles’ campaign challenges all employees to see how far they can walk, run, swim, cycle – and fundraise for Save The Children too. Organisations from different sectors are teaming up to promote Wellness for their employees and customers.

Some organisations are working together for outcomes in wider society. In 2012, the Co-operative and Activate Sport are aiming to reach 20,000 young people by doubling the number of sports camps and giving away thousands of free places, to make sport accessible for all.

BUPA and the Youth Sport Trust are working in partnership to train and support primary school teachers to give them the skills and confidence to teach physical literacy to 4-7 year olds. The ‘Start to Move: Developing Physical Literacy’ programme was aiming to reach 6,000 teachers from 3,000 schools, with access to 180,000 children, by summer 2012.

We understand that the hardest thing for organisations to achieve is not an overall increase in physical activity amongst its employees but an increase in those employees who never take physical activity taking their first steps.

While new showers, bike racks and company runs are all important, they are not enough to motivate new audiences to get started. This is where we combine our knowledge of behaviour change communications with the power of partnership. From developing specific audience insights and identifying barriers to finding partners and creating a campaign, we focus on the key question of ‘how to make activity fun for everyone’. Confidence is critical – and it comes hand-in-hand with personal achievement rather than collective competition so everyone can get involved.

This post is an except from Forster Communications Are you Well-Connected report available to download for free here.