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Social Change PR

We are the leading social change PR agency – helping progressive organisations to increase their reach, influence and impact so they can deliver positive social change.

PR is key to helping you engage with audiences, from your employees, to customers, the government and beyond, so you can tackle the issues that affect you, your stakeholders and wider society, and inspire people to take positive action.

What we do

Communications strategy

We develop the strategy you need to turn vision into reality through insight-driven strategic counsel to guide direction, informed by a deep understanding of audiences and how to influence them. We help you develop positioning to make you stand out and get the right people to sit up and take notice. We create the compelling narrative and platforms you need to inspire those both inside and outside your organisation around the change you want to make.

Social change campaigns

We create campaigns that inspire and sustain action from the people that matter by applying over 20 years of experience to influence opinion and change behaviour. We build the profile of your organisation to increase your potential reach and engagement and we find you  the partners you need to collaborate with take the engagement to the next level. We use our bespoke evaluation model to measure progress through the change journey from reach, to engagement to the desired action.

Corporate PR

You can’t create change without leadership and authority, both from organisations and individuals. We help you develop the skills, capability and platform to lead from the front on relevant issues – preparing and stress-testing messages and responses, conducting bespoke media training. developing internal communications to inform and engage employees. developing external communications to establish a trusted, authoritative position. We help protect and enhance your reputation, identifying and connecting with key influencers and providing support to manage challenges from media and opponents of change.

Building the case for support

We pinpoint and articulate exactly why others should join you and support the change you want to see. We translate your case for support into campaigns to increase funding, inspire volunteering, shape partnerships and drive all forms of positive action and engagement.