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Our services

What do you want to change?

We generate tangible value for your organisation, your stakeholders and society by:

  • Developing compelling communications strategies
  • Building trust and enhancing your reputation
  • Inspiring positive action, from your boardroom to the world at large
  • Creating powerful coalitions and partnerships

Communication strategy that is compelling and relevant

Strategy is all about maximising your long term impact. We believe that starts with insight and understanding. We use research to thoroughly examine the landscape, influencers and individual attitudes that are relevant to both your objective and the issue around it.

We know that engaging the right individuals inside your organisation is critical and develop motivating messages that will build support and drive action. We equip your team with narrative and tools to make a difference outside your organisation. We help you make things happen.

We provide counsel and guidance across the change process, solving communications challenges and working with your senior team so they can navigate their way more effectively.

Leadership communication that builds trust and reputation

Change can’t happen without leadership. Our Leadership Communication service is a way of expressing your values and intent, internally and externally. It underpins your ambitions for change.

We start with internal engagement to strengthen organisational culture and cohesion. Then we connect you with key influencers to build support and help you manage challenges from opponents. All of this gives strength to an external thought leadership programme that clearly establishes your position and ultimately enhances your reputation.

We help both individuals and organisations to become active leaders and, by underpinning solutions with evidence-based impact, build long term trust.

Flagship campaigns that inspire positive action

We help our clients to build knowledge, influence opinion and change behaviour. We’ve been doing it for over 20 years and have a heritage in breaking taboos and overcoming barriers to change. We inspire and – most importantly – sustain action.

We start by understanding people and use these insights to inform and involve individuals. We ask critical questions to find the right campaign focus – ensuring it will bring value to the organisation overall, to stakeholders inside and outside the organisation, and to society by addressing an identifiable need. We work across channels and our bespoke evaluation model enables us to measure progress at every stage from reach to engagement to change.

Partnership and collaboration that increases reach and impact

Positive change does not happen in a vacuum. It needs organisations from different sectors to collaborate around shared goals, unite ideas, knowledge and resources, create new solutions and scale proven ones.

We help our clients to scope, form and manage strategic partnerships that are centred on solving social or environmental issues. We help to identify opportunities and assets, select potential collaborators, develop the programme framework and metrics, and manage the delivery.

From global partnerships across sectors to local peer-to-peer initiatives, we enable people to work together.