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Our Impacts

We are sustainable PR leaders

How do you know when you are thriving and successful? For many businesses, you might just look at the profits being generated. But for a progressive business like ours, that just isn’t enough.

We were founded as a for-profit business that wanted to create positive change in the world. It’s in our DNA and that’s why we became one of the founding B Corps in the UK – the movement of businesses focused on driving positive social change.

Our B Corp status has helped us figure out how well we’re doing in the ways that really matter – socially, environmentally and financially.

Over the last five years as a B Corp, we are proud to have won nine Best for the World awards.

Accelerating climate action

In January 2020, we launched our Climate Positive Plan. We were the first communications agency to make this pledge and to recognise our biggest opportunity of driving change is in partnership with our employees, clients, suppliers and wider community.

We have published the plan to encourage action from others and will report on it each year.

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