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Our Impacts

We are in the business of change

How do you know when you are thriving and successful? For many businesses, you might just look at the profits being generated. But for a progressive business like ours, that just isn’t enough.

We were founded as a for-profit business that wanted to create positive change in the world. It’s in our DNA and that’s why we became one of the founding B Corps in the UK – the movement of businesses focused on driving positive social change.

Our B Corp status has helped us to figure out how well we’re doing in the ways that really matter – socially, environmentally and financially. It’s provided us with a yardstick against which we can measure our impact across all three. We use that yardstick every two years to see how we are doing, and we are very proud that we recently passed our latest B Corp assessment, achieving ‘Best for the World’ status in three categories.

Thinking and acting big

Our mission is to harness the power of communications to help our clients protect and improve lives. We’re ambitious, so we have decided to use the biggest targets of all to guide the work we do over the next two years – the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What have the UN Goals got to do with a small business like ours? Well, given the scale and breadth of many of today’s social and environmental challenges, we all need to think and act big – everyone and every organisation has a role to play. It’s not ‘someone else’s’ problem.

There are 17 goals in total but we’ve picked out 3 where we believe we can have the biggest impact:

  1. Giving people access to the products, information and services they need to support their health, and the confidence and ability they need to use it to live well.
  2. Raising awareness of the need to protect and preserve the environment and encouraging responsible, sustainable consumption.
  3. Building vibrant and resilient communities through access to fairly paid, good work opportunities for all.

Over the next two years, we will work with progressive organisations to further those goals, while setting an example for truly good practice in the way we run our business and work with our suppliers and our local community.






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